Captains Biographies

Izzy Fowler – 1XI Captain

izzy website pic

Robin Robsinson – 2XI Captain

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Robin is a fourth year PE student with a fiery pitch presence but a heart of gold, making her the ideal character to captain our team through what will hopefully be a very successful season. Somehow this year Robin has managed to balance her course and placement with our busy schedule on the pitch and socially, as well as working (or more often drinking with her colleagues), and still has had time when called up to play for the 1s. Having been in the 2XI since joining the club in her second year of uni, Robin is a key part of our team both on and off the pitch. A bit of a mother figure Robin is always there when you need a chat or can be seen arriving to potlucks straight from her hot yoga class with a pasta bake she prepared earlier that morning. With experience of international level hockey and in captaining before there’s no doubt Robin will do an amazing job this year.

Pip Howes – 3XI Captain

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From Fresher of the Year to 3s Captain, Emily’s ego is officially now the biggest in EUWHC.  Whilst you may point to her qualities as a coach or her skill as a Centre Midfield, Emily strongly feels that it was in fact her pure and angelic renditions of 2000s Diva ballads prior to a game that primarily contributed to the success of the 3s last season. After having her wrist successfully shortened, Emily is now ready to get back on the hockey pitch and help her beloved 3s to another successful and competitive season. But more importantly, now Katie Devlin has left, Emily hopes to take the title of quickest (and classiest) pint drinker in the women’s club. Emily can’t wait to welcome in some fresh meat to the team, but don’t rely on her to teach the fresh 5s, otherwise, they too will be ending up on a train to Exeter.

Daisy Mant – 4XI Captain

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Following in the footsteps of her hockey mum, Rebecca McBride, Daisy has impressive lineage. Known more for her hat tricks in the men’s team than the women’s, Daisy can be found in midfield or in the middle of Nage’s dance floor – it’s hard to tell where she is louder. Her talent for ‘bashing out an essay’ will hopefully transfer to her team, helping the fours bash out a few more goals this coming season.

Kirti Mehta – 5XI Captain

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Kirti Mehta has been crowned captain of the 5s for the 2019/20 season.
Freshies get ready as Kirti and the whole team are ready to welcome you
with open arms into their slightly dysfunctional family in September. Not
only does Kirti excel on the hockey pitch, she is regularly seen putting
110% effort into her dance moves in espionage … leaving much to be
envied. Somewhat of a self proclaimed pocket rocket, Kirti will have the
team fired up in anticipation for next season. With the 5s legacy of Mirch,
the shortest member of the club is ready to lead the 5s to victory.
Freshies all I can say is … I hope you’re ready!!!

Rebecca Price – 6XI Captain

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Katherine is a third year student in Costume Design, so you can expect to see some excellent outfits in prow each week. She is going to do a great job leading the Sassy Sixes this season and building on our success after promotion in both leagues. Katherine is a committed member of the team and works hard on the pitch, only surpassed by her commitment to socials. She is a real advocate for integration with the mens club and she is keen to build on that this year.

Liv Wade Jones – 7XI Captain

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Charley is a dedicated 2nd year biomed…but her love for everything hockey surpasses all. You may see her around kings most days and suspect nothing: but when she sets her  mindset for the pitch, she becomes the personification of playerlayer, often sporting their full collection.
On the pitch, her enthusiasm knows no bounds, winning ‘most dedicated to the pitch’ in her first year. However, none of this is to say she doesn’t know how to cool down and refresh with a couple of pints at McSorley’s followed by a joyful skip down to espionage where she blasts out the rest of her energy on the dance floor (and on the men’s 5s hehe). As well as this she must have one of the most impressive attendance rates at the big cheese, rarely missing prow’s most prestigious event of the week. Above all, Charley is a friendly, inclusive and encouraging person who will be a welcoming and supportive influence to her team. There is no doubt Charley will be an excellent captain for the 7s and an asset to the committee and the club as a whole.

Rebecca Dale – 8XI captain

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It’s hard to know where to start when talking about Becky Dale, one of the most eager 8s players of the last two years. The keen defender never fails to let us down (we’ll forget about the 12-0 loss).   This will be Becky’s third year at uni but first time on the committee as 8s captain, and we can assure that she will be a valuable asset. The keenest big cheeser of the club, Becky never fails to be in attendance, and we are sure that she’ll continue to carry this passion into the team next year. The Banbridge local fits the role for 8s captain perfectly and will effortlessly continue the team legacy for another year. If you want to find Becky, she’ll be in McSorley’s, either spewing on the floor or Irish jigging on the dance floor.

India Roberts – 9XI Captain

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Joining the club late in her second year, India has been keen to throw herself into all things hockey this year. She is known in the team for her sassy attitude – both on and off the pitch – earning her the feistiest fresher award last year. India is also always committed to hockey socials – often seen trying to VK race literally anyone in espionage/big cheese (a race that she almost always wins…). Hopefully India’s continuing competitiveness and enthusiasm in the pitch will lead the team to another great season this year but above all, India hopes to be a supportive and friendly captain for the naughty nines.

Lucy Saddler – Development Captain

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Jade is just as dedicated to the rec hockey team as she is to her make up collection, and that’s saying something. Having been 1 of the 5 people who actually turned up to rec training last year, she is probably the most committed to the team. She is in her 2nd year of studying medical sciences, so you may catch her turning green when playing against the medics…but that won’t distract her from giving it her all on the pitch just as she does on the dance floor. She’s easy going and approachable (especially when it comes to the men’s 7s), just not from the right side because she might not see you coming. If she hasn’t told you already, she’s blind in one eye by the way.

Ella Watt – Indoor Captain

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‘Make indoor great again’. An inspirational (and somewhat, ambitious) quote from next year’s Indoor Captain, Ella Watt. Ella is going into her third year of Law and Accounting so with her knowledge of law and diva like personality we’re hopeful she can help us climb our way to the top of the league table. Since she was a fresher Ella has been a key (and loud) player in the outdoor 1st 1XI. If she’s not with the women’s 1’s she’ll be supporting the men’s 1s as the other half of the self-proclaimed ‘power couple’ of the EUHC. However, if Ella is not at the hockey pitch, you’ll be sure to find her doing the worm in Potterow or performing Lady Gaga after getting drunk of just 2 ciders. If she’s half as good at captaining as she is at dancing, we know Ella is the one to make indoor great again.

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