Anni Arthur – 1XI Captain


Anni is the captain of the 1st XI this year after captaining the indoor team during an amazing season last year despite not even playing! Studying PE, Anni has all the athleticism, skillz and knowledge to devote to her team and continue the successes that the 1s have had. Anni has been a crucial member of the 1s for two seasons now – playing in Vienna at the club euros in 2017 but unfortunately missing out on the home Europeans in 2018 due to an injury the week before. If not in Peffermill or at Potterow, you will find her at the Physio just getting a check up. Fun fact – Anni’s family home is in Dubai – anyone with Dubai on their bucket list you know what to do!

Jes Boyle – 2XI Captain


Becoming captain of the 2XI is no easy task. You’re required to be committed, organised and above all, good chat. Fortunately Jes is the whole package. While being a smarty pants medic she manages to never miss a game, training session or social. In addition to this you need to be popular with your teammates, Jes is otherwise known as the ‘fresh sympathiser’ meaning that she is literally liked by everyone! Captaincy also demands that you host countless potlucks and pres, lucky for us ours lives in the poshest student flat in Edinburgh.
Although she’s a lightweight in the club, the same cannot be said for her presence on the hockey pitch, where she can be seen to ‘accidentally’ take out the competition on numerous occasions.

Emily Bowe – 3XI Captain


From Fresher of the Year to 3s Captain, Emily’s ego is officially now the biggest in EUWHC.  Whilst you may point to her qualities as a coach or her skill as a Centre Midfield, Emily strongly feels that it was in fact her pure and angelic renditions of 2000s Diva ballads prior to a game that primarily contributed to the success of the 3s last season. After having her wrist successfully shortened, Emily is now ready to get back on the hockey pitch and help her beloved 3s to another successful and competitive season. But more importantly, now Katie Devlin has left, Emily hopes to take the title of quickest (and classiest) pint drinker in the women’s club. Emily can’t wait to welcome in some fresh meat to the team, but don’t rely on her to teach the fresh 5s, otherwise, they too will be ending up on a train to Exeter.

Rebecca McBride – 4XI Captain


Becky started as a fresher last year and immediately won everyone over with her Irish charm. Famous for regularly being the last on the espionage dance floor and being able to flawlessly recite the lyrics to Avril Lavigne in Japanese, Becky is also a bit of a demon in the midfield. The fact that she was regularly voted MOM together with her commitment on and off the pitch and her approachable nature made her the perfect candidate for Captain this year. Having narrowly missed out on winning the league this year, Becky is looking forward to gathering a bunch of lovely freshers and leading the team to the victory they deserve.

Megan Mirchandani – 5XI Captain


Megan Mirchandani, or Mirch, as she is well known, will no doubt welcome you with open arms into her realm that is to be the 5’s in the 2018-2019 season. Her exceptional commitment to both the hockey pitch and the d-floor puts her amongst the most driven of our club members. In fact, there is no hockey-related shindig where Mirch cannot be found. Whether it’s firing up the team at an away match in Aberdeen or busting her moves in Espionage, this girl always gives 100%. With the 5’s legacy of LR, the youngest Mirchandani is sure to lead her team through a great season- watch out fresh, you’re in for some fun!

Katherine McKinley – 6XI Captain


Katherine is a third year student in Costume Design, so you can expect to see some excellent outfits in prow each week. She is going to do a great job leading the Sassy Sixes this season and building on our success after promotion in both leagues. Katherine is a committed member of the team and works hard on the pitch, only surpassed by her commitment to socials. She is a real advocate for integration with the mens club and she is keen to build on that this year.

Charley Ross – 7XI Captain


Charley is a dedicated 2nd year biomed…but her love for everything hockey surpasses all. You may see her around kings most days and suspect nothing: but when she sets her  mindset for the pitch, she becomes the personification of playerlayer, often sporting their full collection.
On the pitch, her enthusiasm knows no bounds, winning ‘most dedicated to the pitch’ in her first year. However, none of this is to say she doesn’t know how to cool down and refresh with a couple of pints at McSorley’s followed by a joyful skip down to espionage where she blasts out the rest of her energy on the dance floor (and on the men’s 5s hehe). As well as this she must have one of the most impressive attendance rates at the big cheese, rarely missing prow’s most prestigious event of the week. Above all, Charley is a friendly, inclusive and encouraging person who will be a welcoming and supportive influence to her team. There is no doubt Charley will be an excellent captain for the 7s and an asset to the committee and the club as a whole.

Emma Lambert – 8XI captain


Every year Emma has been a member of the 8s they have been promoted… coincidence? We don’t think so. Adding to this, Emma won the “dark horse of the year” award as a fresher providing her with the qualifications on, and off, the pitch to captain the 8s to potential #triplepromotion. Emma is going into her third year of Sport and Recreation Management  and is prepared to put in full effort to lead the 8s/team of the year 2018 to even better hEIGHTS

Bronagh McLachlan-Hunt – 9XI Captain


Winning the feistiest fresher award Bronagh is well known for her savage side both on and off the pitch. In her 3rd year studying Law, she won’t let you break the rules, so beware fresh this captain will not hold back at socials.  But don’t let that fool you, underneath the tough exterior, this captain is unbelievably enthusiastic and committed to each and every game. Despite Bronagh only joining the hockey club last year she certainly has made a big impact, ensuring the team morale remains high and that everyone is equally as keen as her and feels included. With these qualities there is no doubt Bronagh will make an excellent captain and and with a new season ahead, we can’t wait to see what she’s got in store.

Jade Bethan – Rec Captain

Jade is just as dedicated to the rec hockey team as she is to her make up collection, and that’s saying something. Having been 1 of the 5 people who actually turned up to rec training last year, she is probably the most committed to the team. She is in her 2nd year of studying medical sciences, so you may catch her turning green when playing against the medics…but that won’t distract her from giving it her all on the pitch just as she does on the dance floor. She’s easy going and approachable (especially when it comes to the men’s 7s), just not from the right side because she might not see you coming. If she hasn’t told you already, she’s blind in one eye by the way.

Sophie Maunder – Indoor Captain


This year’s indoor captain is in her final year studying sport science at Edinburgh so there is literally no escape from all things sport and hockey.
Starting out in the 2s, she now plays in the 1s outdoor and has helped the team win 2 quadruples in a row. Highlights included playing in the home European Championships which the club organised so well this year.
You’ll be sure to see her on the prow dance floor because she can’t resist a cheesy singalong and boogy. Despite not being able to handle her drink, she tries anyway and that’s all we can ask for. She’s a trooper and will make a great captain.