Alix Brewster – Club Captain 


Alix has been an (overly) active member of EUWHC since her first year after a rather shaky start, when she was not initially chosen at trials… But her perseverance and dedication to the sport was reflected in her performance at retrials, and subsequent commitment during both training and matches! Throughout her three years at EUWHC Alix has played two seasons for the 6XI, even captaining them in her second year before moving up to the 4XI in her third year. Her ability to move up two teams and maintain positions on committee is a clear example of her hard work and enthusiasm… or just another example of her being overly keen! Alix is at university firstly to get a degree in International Relations. However this often takes a back seat to committee matters, matches to be played and of course socials to be attended!

Arguably, Alix’s social performance off the pitch outshines her skills on the pitch. Rarely missing a social has meant that Alix has refined her fives skills – beware of her competitive nature if tempted to challenge her! Undoubtedly Alix has dedicated an abundance of her university time to EUWHC, organisationally, socially and of course physically on the pitch. Her approachable nature, and outwardly positive attitude in relation to everything EUWHC, has allowed her to undertake the role of club captain for next year. Don’t worry, if any member of EUWHC is ever in need of help, she is never far away not just because she is practically living at Peffermill.

However if you are struggling to find her, stop and listen, her distinctively loud voice can always be heard – all one has to do is follow it!

Katie Devlin – Vice Club Captain


After becoming captain of the 2s in her second year after only playing a handful games in her first year, it’s clear that Katie has made a distinct impact in EUWHC. She was always destined to be a club legend with her birthday falling on freshers welcome every year and her rogue antics on socials. As well as being Queen of the Dancefloor, she can bust some skilful moves on the pitch too! On top of this Katie (a.k.a. Dev) is one of the most committed and sassy umpires EUWHC has to offer… she loves a card. Katie, along with Christie, has also enjoyed an incredible year of coaching the 5s to BUCs victory and of course, in pint racing. Katie’s dedication to EUWHC, ability to make a whole room burst out laughing instantly and friendly nature are just some of the many reasons why she is perfect for Vice Club Captain. P.S. If you can’t find Katie, she will be most likely doing sit ups on the dancefloor or at the bar ordering VKs like they are champagne.

Special skills – can down a pint, spin and hit the crossbar all in the space of 30 seconds

Georgina Black – Secretary

Georgina (right)

Club secretary this year is filled by the one and only Georgina Black. Some may know her as the queen of keen which makes her perfect for this demanding position within the club. Going into her final year of Reproductive Biology, Georgina has built up a great relationship with everyone in both hockey clubs and beyond. She is 100% committed to the club, rarely missing a Wednesday BUCS game to go to class- “uni is all about the experience not the grade you get at the end” – and will more than likely be one of the last ones standing with a VK in hand on the Dfloor of prow. If you didn’t know Georgina lives on a farm, which she often posts on snap chat (georgieblack95 if you want to see more), so her experience at taming animals comes in handy when umpiring. She also dabbles in a bit of coaching, looking after the lovely 6s last season and a currently working towards her level 2. She is looking forward to the coming season and welcoming all the freshers into the largest hockey family in the UK. Don’t hesitate to fire Georgina an email with any questions she is a fun-loving, approachable gal and happy to help everyone out.

Victoria White – Treasurer


Vic is a typical Irish girl; loud, energetic and sometimes her accent is hard to understand. Vic is a geeky maths student who has a very committed love:hate relationship with the library. She has been part of the club for 3 years and is a dedicated member to both playing and socials. She can often be seen dressed up (preferably in lots of glitter) and cutting some serious shapes on the cav dfloor or sweating profoundly on a treadmill in the gym. But in all seriousness she is great with numbers/treasurer stuff so if you need any help with that, she’s your girl.

Kirsty Forgie – National League Fixtures


Kirsty Forgie is one of the brightest and bubbliest people you will meet in the club. You won’t find her far from the P’row dance floor or Teviot Nachos because that’s how dedicated she is to the club! She has just been on an incredible year abroad in Amsterdam, but has managed to keep fully up to date with all things hockey and can’t wait to be back flying the flag for EUWHC. Her role this year of Fixtures Secretary is one that calls for organisational skills and the ability to commutate with a lot of people – 2 things Kirsty doesn’t struggle with one bit… Since she learnt to talk, Kirsty could chat for Scotland! This female boss also knows her way round the hockey pitch with an incredible goal scoring record and fantastic team spirit! Any questions fixtures related or just looking for good chat – Kirsty is your gal.

Hannah Beaton – East District Fixtures

Hannah B

Hannah is the perfect fit for the role East District Fixtures, as she will bring her organisation and chatty personality to a difficult position. She’s been at university for so long that she’s got it down to a precise art and is the master of balancing commitments. But don’t let her professional attitude fool you, this girl is a fiend on the dance floor and loves a VK as much as (if not more than) any other EUWHC member. She’s friendly and open, and you can rely on this girl for anything – including a feisty attitude on the pitch. Hannah is famous for being able to dance in obnoxiously high heels, acquire all night out gossip in no time at all and getting herself lost on the way home.

Heather Holloway – Publicity


When trying to describe Heather (Hev) it sounds like you are making someone up. This girl is the loveliest, most caring person you could meet. EUWHCs very own primary teacher turned paparazzi is the perfect person for Publicity Secretary. Having organised charity events including a cheeky naked calendar; Heather knows all the secrets to getting EUWHC spoken about. Her friendly face and enthusiasm will no doubt see Instagram, Facebook and the website flourishing with the successes of the club on and off the pitch. Heather is a big name in the hockey club, due to her commitment to the 5s, coaching, umpiring and a hidden aspect of her personality that matches her hair; fiery!

Georgia Marsh – Charity


This girl is a game changer on and off the pitch. Georgia “VK” Marsh managed to rally a team to win the league and become club legends socially all in a year. She is one of the most caring, loyal and organised people you will meet. Yet, don’t let that foul you, she also has a rogue side to her which comes out to play on the Cav dance floor often accompanied by some unique fancy dress. Georgia, importantly, has such a heart for charity and will be dedicated to leading our club in fundraising and new partnerships in lots of fun ways involving cake! No plan compares to a G Marsh plan.

Megan Shand – Social Secretary


Second year Megan (not including her practice first year) has undoubtedly earned her role as Social Secretary thanks to her wild performances on Wednesdays. Always first in the queue for shots and VKs, she sometimes gets a little overexcited waiting for her drinks and has been known to leave Cav’s bar with reminders that EUWHC’s most social member graced them with her presence. A keen poker fan who loves to gamble on and off the hockey pitch. This combined with her genuine love for planning and organisation, means that EUHC’s 2017/18 social calendar will be like nothing you’ve seen before.

Hannah Lee – Sponsorship

Hannah Lee

Hannah “Zee” Lee (we honestly have no clue) is this year’s Sponsorship Secretary. As a Medical Sciences student going into second year, Hannah has never let a 9am lab get in the way of any hockey social. Not known to have ever left Cav or Prow before close, Hannah has returned with various unexplainable objects, including a traffic cone, a mass catering sized tub of mayonnaise, several pineapples, and most significantly a 10kg bag of compost. If none of those are an incentive to prospective sponsors, we don’t know what is. Nothing, not even incest, is a barrier to her love and commitment to the club, and she has already laid the foundations for a solid relationship with our sponsors next year. Hannah is loved by all for her eccentric fashion sense, her enthusiasm towards life in general, and her infectious laugh, and she is definitely not one to miss.

Cat Wallace – Intramural + Alumni

Cat W

Cat is a Sports Science student who gets involved with anything sporty (classic) but also has a great love for making banoffee pie, pilates and afternoon napping. When she has a spare moment she spends it looking after her beloved horses and quote ‘they just understand me’. She is an aspiring athlete and as a qualified masseuse, she will happily loosen you up for a small fee. Cat is a cracking addition to EUWHC and she is everything you look for in a committee member – fun, friendly and flirty (the 3 crucial f’s in life). Her connections with EUMHC makes her the perfect person for this role and her organisation and creativity add to her infectious personality to make her ideal for dealing with all the alumni ball details. Cat is a reliable, kindhearted gal who has constantly shown her commitment to EUWHC over the past three years. She is super excited to be on committee (not sure if you can tell she’s keen) and if you need to contact her you will most likely find her drunk, asleep or with her horses.

Ellie Hutcheson – Tour Secretary


Ellie is the perfect gal to have as our tour sec for 2018! Her fun and sociable personality alongside her participation in tour to Salou a couple of years ago makes her the ideal person to organise and lead next year’s tour! When not in Prow every Saturday, Ellie can be found on the pitch playing for the 1s. Ellie has also recently been away with the Scotland U21 team competing in the Euros and is also a member of the indoor team and an umpire for the club! As a super fun and dedicated member of EUWHC, she is sure to make TOUR 2K18 a cracker so make sure you sign up nice and early so you don’t miss out on a great week! Tour tour tour

Izzy Fowler – Kit and Equipment