Megan Shand – Club Captain 


Megan Shand was made for the position of Club Captain, with a passion for organisation, events planning, people and being in charge; her obsession with chat and the hockey club will surely become beneficial to everyone. She has thrived in a year of being Social Secretary and is almost annoyed that she has a 2 month summer before the real work begins (but let’s hope she can hold down this job better than a shot off Cav’s bar). With her role in the Hockey Club coming second to absolutely nothing, the only people who are concerned about the future year are her degree professors…
Going into her fourth year at EUWHC, Megan is a staple in all things hockey; be it in the stands or umpiring, in McSorleys or prow. Megan never is one to willingly miss a prow, unless she attempts to power nap before pres. Her passion for hockey both on and off the pitch means you will find her anywhere you look. Megan’s backing of her own knowledge means she will always be willing to lend a helping hand.

Kathryn Glass – Vice Club Captain



As a player, coach AND umpire, the phrase ‘lead by example’ describes Kathryn BARBARA Glass to a tee. Starting her fresher EUWHC career in the 3XI, Kathryn, Kath, KG, now enters her final year as a sports science student after captaining the 2XI in a very successful 2017-18 season. Her dedication and keen organisation skills are evident both on and off the pitch and often her sassy Irish accent reflects her slick skills: if you don’t find her raking up the goals down at Peffermill, you’ll probably find her conquering the dance floor. As one of EUWHC’s top goal scorers, Kath’s commitment to the club is almost paramount to her top class personality and sassy one-liners. These are just some of the reasons KG is THE girl for the role of Vice Club Captain this year and undoubtedly can’t wait to ‘JUST DO IT’, leading the club by example through another unforgettable season.

Bryony Maxwell – Secretary


Because she studies Latin, when she leaves Edinburgh University Bryony plans on being a Secretary for her more successful university peers. Therefore, this role as Secretary is perfect work experience for Bryony and will hopefully mound her into the being the organised and ‘together’ 21st century woman she longs to be. As last seasons captain of the 4s, Bryony is a keen mean defending machine who strikes an enviable balance between playing like a beast on the hockey pitch and dancing like a gazelle on the Espionage d-floor. She’s known for her absolute commitment to all things hockey and personifies EUWHC’s balance between talent and pure unadulterated chat.

Sophie Pettegree – Treasurer



Soph is a much loved and dedicated member of EUWHC, born and raised in St. Andrews. Alongside her degree in pharmacology, she gets involved in absolutely every area of the club and she never misses a social. If she’s not at the lab, gym or peffs, you’ll probably find her winning fives in Mcsorleys or killing it on the Espionage dfloor. But behind those dancing skills, believe it or not, she is very organised and responsible, something which she proved last year by captaining the 3rd XI to a very successful season. When she’s not working on her ‘sick’ tan, her persistence and drive allows her to make sure the job is always done, and done right. All in all, Soph’s sensational personality and mad spreadsheet skills makes her perfect for the role of this year’s treasurer. So, if you ever need help, she’s your girl.

Elise Miller – National League Fixtures



Elise is undoubtedly one of the happiest and most approachable members of EUWHC. This could be because she loves to have a laugh, or alternatively, due to her being bit of a dunce.
Elise’s EUWHC journey has been one of enduring success – after a rocky trial, Elise became a fresher in the fiesty 5s. However, her unprecedented ability to score, and her willingness to offer a helping hand throughout the season, meant she was quickly noticed by higher teams, meaning Elise moved up to the 3’s for the past season. Frankly, with her dedication to EUWHC, both on and off the pitch, any team would be lucky to have her, and the club even luckier to have her on committee next year.
Fixtures secratary is a demanding role, requiring organisation and patience. Despite how much her friends wind her up, Elise, rightly self proclaimed that she ‘never bites’. For this reason, if there are any issues, Elise is your gal. There is no doubt that EUWHC are in for a great year, filled with countless laughter, with this one at the wheel.

Jenny Kennedy – East District Fixtures



Jenny has always been a dedicated member of the hockey club. Whether it’s her unending knowledge of team statistics or going all out for themed socials this girl is the queen of organisation. With the perfect balance of sweetness and sass on and off the pitch, Jenny will undoubtedly bring all she has to offer to this role.

Molly Johnston – Publicity



When we say Molly’s world revolves around hockey, we really mean it. Hockey is the planet she’s constantly living on rather than Earth. She’s played in goals for every team in the club (except the 5s) last season and gets fined weekly for keeno. Mols may only be going into 2nd year and fairly new to the club but she knows quite a lot about what goes on at EUWHC, watching all the matches and keeping up to date with all the results and drama. Her slight addiction to social media means keeping all the club pages up to date and posting all the latest news will fit perfectly into her busy schedule of hockey, hockey and (maybe) a little bit of uni. With her never-ending enthusiasm she can brighten anyone up.

Jennie Robson – Charity



This year’s charities secretary comes in the shape of the wonderful Jennie Robson. Having spent her third year abroad in New Zealand (and numerous other amazing places if you go by her Instagram), Jennie is warmly welcomed back by the 2nd XI who have very much missed her presence. Just a borders gal at heart, her fun loving, bubbly nature make her an absolute EUWHC favourite and perfect for the role of charities sec. Jennie is very much looking forward to building on the incredible efforts of last year, and working further with our amazing charities partners!

Hannah Lee – Social Secretary



Hannah “Zee” Lee (we honestly have no clue) is this year’s Social Secretary. As a Medical Sciences student going into third year, Hannah has never let a 9am lab get in the way of any hockey social. Not known to have ever left espionage before close Hannah has returned with various unexplainable objects, including a traffic cone, a mass catering sized tub of mayonnaise, several pineapples, and most significantly a 10kg bag of compost.
If none of those are an incentive for fresh to come along to socials, we don’t know what is. Nothing, not even incest, is a barrier to her love and commitment to the club, and having Freddie the men’s social sec as a good pal, the duo is iconic. Hannah is loved by all for her eccentric fashion sense, her enthusiasm towards life in general, and her infectious laugh, and she is definitely not one to miss.

Kirsty Girvan – Sponsorship



Kirsty is in her third year studying geography, where she loves representing GeogSoc Hockey on Friday nights, really giving gamblers a run for their money. She’s a big part in the 6XI which she absolutely loves – the social/slutty/sassy sixes are the best and they have so much fun on and off the field! Hockey has been a big part of Kirsty’s uni life so far and she’s super excited to get involved on the committee and attract as many sponsors as she possibly can. She’s particularly keen to get us a good bar and club sponsor so we can have the best socials, because we all know hockey nights are the best nights… 😉 And of course to find sponsors that will help all of our teams perform to the very best of their ability (on and off the pitch).

Hannah Chantler – Intramural + Alumni



Teresa Murio Fernández – Tour Secretary



Tour is all about getting messy, wild and riotous, and nobody fits that description better than the woman who is Teresa Murio Fernandez, affectionately known as T. Although born in Spain, she grew up learning the tricks of the drinking trade from those who can – the Glaswegians, and possesses a subtle mix of Spanish seduction and Scottish ferocity. Whether she is embroiled in a passionate love affair or calculating the optimal pence to unit ratio (a degree in Maths does occasionally come in handy), T is certainly doing it with a smile on her face.
Never one to take herself too seriously, Teresa (pronounced tey-ray-suh, correct pronunciation will score you brownie points) knows how to get down and boogie. Tour, the final hockey hurrah of the year, lies in her extremely capable hands. A tour secretary is both a mother and an enforcer, calm, kind and loving yet still willing to drench you in port, T embodies these two characters perfectly. Rest assured, under T’s command, tour will be epic, and how do we know this? It’s the highlight of her year and she’s already brainstorming!

Rebecca Daly – Kit and Equipment


Rebecca Daly is a common name seen on the 3s fine list but thankfully for EUWHC, that isn’t for forgetting or bringing the wrong kit. Her enthusiasm for “new stash” makes her perfect for the role of kit and equipment secretary this year as she has already proven her ability to think of new and interesting ideas for the club. If the first few years of Rebecca’s time at EUWHC have shown us anything, it’s that no matter how many times she misses the goal she will always go and collect the stray ball afterwards (a natural born kit controller if you will) – I can almost guarantee no kit will be lost under her watch. Her lack of fear regarding confrontation and persistence means I think we can all be confident in her ability to get things signed, sealed and delivered ASAP.