Committee Biographies

Megan Shand – Club Captain 


Megan Shand was made for the position of Club Captain, with a passion for organisation, events planning, people and being in charge; her obsession with chat and the hockey club will surely become beneficial to everyone. Her dedication to Hockey is evident by her willingness to do a second year in this position. With her role in the Hockey Club coming second to absolutely nothing, the only people who are concerned about the future year are her degree professors and her parents… Going into her fifth year at EUWHC, Megan is a staple in all things hockey; be it in the stands or umpiring, in McSorleys or prow. Megan never is one to willingly miss a prow, unless she attempts to power nap before pres. Her passion for hockey both on and off the pitch means you will find her anywhere you look. Megan’s backing of her own knowledge means she will always be willing to lend a helping hand

Mhairi McGregor – Vice Club Captain

Mhairi - website photo

Mhairi McGregor has been called many names whilst a member of EUWHC – Marion, Martha, Mary, ‘lock-up-your-brothers. This may be due to no one being able to say her name however her multiple personalities ensure that whatever she sets her mind to, she will make sure it is completed and completed right. As goalie, defender, midfield AND striker for the 2XI, Mhairi achieves an enviable balance between being a beast on the pitch and weapon on the dance floor. Her slick hockey skills, ability to never pass the ball and talent for living off Sophie Petteree’s chat, shows that Mhairi embodies total integrity, indefatigability and modesty. Despite this being her first year on committee, Mhairi likes to lead by example, and knows that this role requires integration and teamwork with EUMHC, to ensure that every game of the season has umpires. This is a task most would find daunting, but with a CV like Mhairi’s, there is no one finer to undertake such a job. She doesn’t like to make it well known but Mhairi is BOTH a national league umpire AND EUWHC’s 2018-19 Coach of the Year. So, who would be better qualified to lead the future stars of the umpiring and coaching community than THE Mhairi McGregor herself?

Elise Miller – Secretary

Elise - webiste photo

Elise is one of the happiest and most approachable members of EUWHC. Having offered herself as a player to many teams throughout the club, and collected a couple of friends in high places (wink wink) it’s fair to say she’s become a bit of a BNOC. After a rocky trial, Elise became a member of the feisty 5s. However, her filthy skills and willingness to offer a helping hand throughout the season meant she was quickly noticed by higher teams, and moved up to the 3’s in her second year. After being called up for her debut for the 1’s last season, and scoring the winning goal, she will now be joining the 2’s for her final season at Uni, and will undoubtedly be found playing up for the 1’s whenever the opportunity arises. She is the perfect example of how commitment to the club can get you places. Last year Elise filled the crucial and demanding role of Fixtures Secretary a position that requires incredible organisational skills and patience. Elise pulled this off (virtually (ha)) without fault and this has set her up perfectly for the administrative and fundamental role of Secretary next year. She is a barrel of laughs, an incredible hockey player, devoted to the club, and an undeniable lightweight, and that is what makes her the perfect ambassador for EUWHC, which will go from strength to strength with her as secretary next year.

Sophie Pettegree – Treasurer

Sophie Pettegree is about to enter her fourth year of pharmacology and is one of the most committed and hard-working people in the hockey club. After beginning her committee career as captain of the 3XI in her second year at university (before last year becoming a key player in the 2XI… rogue), she has now taken on the challenging role of treasurer AND of dealing with Megan Shand for a second year in a row, something not many people could do. If there is one reason why Sophie is made to be treasurer, it’s her ability to think of witty puns which encourage people to actually pay what they’re due (closely followed by her genuine accounting skills) which, after a year of practice, are the best you will find in EUWHC. Soph has mastered the skill of balancing charm and “forceful determination” in order to get the dough – and along with her fast pint-times, ‘hype-notising’ DJ skills, and inability to tan – it’s no wonder that Sophie is one of the biggest names in the hockey club  (ask her about it and I’m sure she would confirm this fact). It’s no secret that EUWHC is a big club with a keenness to spend, so it must be admired that she has taken that responsibility on her shoulders and that she manages this task well. So Soph, before taking us into another successful year at EUWHC, have a pint on the club (perks of treasurer).

Jenny Kennedy – National League and BUCS Secretary 


Jenny has always been a dedicated member of the hockey club. Whether it’s her unending knowledge of team statistics or going all out for themed socials this girl is the queen of organisation. With the perfect balance of sweetness and sass on and off the pitch, Jenny will undoubtedly bring all she has to offer to this role. As a veteran fixture secretary, the fixture mixtures should be at a minimum this year.

Emma Lowden – East District Fixtures

Emma Lowden - website photo

Emma has been a dedicated member of EUWHC since her first year. Now in her fourth year studying International Relations and  having just returned from a year abroad in Paris she is looking forward to being back part of EUWHC and everything that it involves…Hockey has been a big part of her uni experience so far and she’s excited to become involved in committee for the first time. As someone who is highly organised Emma will definitely bring everything she has to the role.

Emma Lambert – Publicity

Emma is entering her fourth and final year at Edinburgh University. She has been a dedicated member to the club over the years and captained the 8XI team last year. But now she’s headed up the club moving from the 8s to the 6s in one jump making her last year one to remember. Emma is ready to take on the role as Publicity Secretary in her stride and is the perfect person to represent the club to the rest of the uni and beyond. Whether it’s at Peffs, big cheese, or a social your sure to find Emma involved with pints and vk’s at the ready for another fun filled year!

Jade Bethan – Charity

Kirsty Girvan – Social Secretary

Kirsty - website photo

I’m Kirsty and I’m social sec this year. Currently going into my fourth year studying geography so going to be in need of some fun hockey nights to let loose! I’m on the 5XI and a coach (sorry 7s) and an umpire (sorry again), but by far my favourite part of being in the club are the socials!! No matter how hard I try I just can’t pull myself away from the cheesy tunes, the VKs and the questionable decisions made before close. I’m excited to work closely with the men’s social sec Alex this year in order to get some proper integration fully underway. Looking forward to welcoming the new members of the club with a game of 5s and pints at the ready xoxo

Corinne Phillips – Sponsorship

Corinne - webiste photo

Despite being only in her 2nd year, Corinne the corhino has become a central member of EUWHC. As fresher of the year, she is no stranger to many and when she isn’t dedicated to her studying of mathematics (yes, mathematics…), can be found outside prow or looking for love on the couches of espionage. But it doesn’t stop there, Corinne has experience in forming strong relationships with past sponsors and last year, was present at every social and every hockey meal – keen in boosting club-sponsor relations, you can find her 5-star review on TripAdvisor. Although a shock to many, Corinne can actually play hockey and as a starting player in the 2XI, Corinne knows what the club needs as a sponsor to support both its social life and aid club and player development. With her infectious ‘har-har’ laugh and love for EUWHC, there is no one better to be Sponsorship Sec 2019, and there is no doubt that corhino will ensure the contracts are signed, sealed and delivered, ready to start a tremendous season at EUWHC.

Sophie Reid – Intramural + Alumni

sophie r - website photo

Sophie is in her 4th year studying international business and Spanish. When she isn’t too busy talking about her exotic year abroad or putting the sass in the sassy 6s, Sophie will be taking on the role of Intramural and Alumni sec. Despite being away Sophie made sure she was up to date with all the latest EUHC gossip and even made an appearance on tour (did we mention she went on a year abroad?) Never one to miss a social or match, Sophie’s enthusiasm for all things hockey makes her the perfect girl for this job striking the perfect balance of skill on the pitch and on the dance floor. Sophie will be sure to put her Irish charm to good use to get everyone involved in an unmissable year of intramural and alumni weekend.

Rebecca Daly – Tour Secretary

Image may contain: Rebecca Daly, standing and outdoor

Becca is in her fourth year studying Sport and Recreation management, which yes is actually a real degree! Tour is all about getting rowdy and messy and with this year being Becca’s 3rd tour in a row you can be sure she has done the market research as to what makes it enjoyable and I have no doubt she would use this knowledge to organise a tour which everyone will undoubtedly find unforgettable. This is Becca’s second year on committee and is looking forward to following in T’s footsteps to bring you an unforgettable experience on tour!

Kathrine Mckinley – Kit and Equipment

kathrine webiste pic

Katherine will be taking on the role of kit sec this coming season. Being a 4th year costume design student Kath has finally found the role of kit sec to be the first proper use for her degree. From worm costumes to wedding dresses she has it sorted, and although these outrageous designs may plant some doubt, her day to day attire of head to toe hockey stash is much more reassuring. After captaining the 6XI last year Kath has proved she had all the sass and sweet skills of persuasion needed to guarantee that EUWHC will be decked in the freshest gear this season.

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