Fixtures Week 7 (Mar 2019)

Tuesday 5th March
7s v 8s: 2-0 to the 7s

Wednesday 6th March
1s v Leeds Beckett 1s: 2-0 win
4s v Aberdeen 1s: 2-0 loss
5s v Dundee 2s: 4-1 win
6s v Strathclyde 2s: 3-1 loss
7s v Heriot Watt: 2-0 win

Saturday 9th March
1s v Grange: 9-0 win
2s v Grove 2s: 2-0 win
3s v Uddingston: 1-0 win
4s v Kelso 1s: 4-1 loss
5s v Boroughmuir: 1-1 draw
6s v Borders 2s: 9-2 loss
7s v Peebles 1s: 1-0 loss
8s v Kingdom Home Carnegie: 7-1 loss
9s v Grange 4s: 2-1 loss

Sunday 10th March
9s v Borders: 3-1 win

Fixtures Week 6 (Feb/Mar 2019)

Wednesday 27th February
2s v Dundee 1s: 3-1 win
4s v Heriot Watt 1s: 2-0 loss
5s v St Andrews 3s: 4-2 win
6s v Dundee 3s: 3-0 win

Saturday 2nd March
1s v Clydesdale 1s: 2-1 win
2s v Clydesdale 2s: 1-0 win
3s v Heriots 1s: Match cancelled
4s v Watsonians 3s: 1-0 win
5s v Kelso 1s: 2-0 win
6s v CALA 2s: 2-1 loss
7s v Preston Lodge: 1-1 win
8s v Eskvale 1s: 0-0 draw
9s v Boroughmuir 2s: 2-1 loss

Sunday 3rd March
1s v Clydesdale 1s (Cup) @2:30pm, HOME
2s v Glasgow uni 1s (plate) @4pm, HOME
4s v Shetland 1s (cup) @12pm, AWAY
5s v East Kilbride 1s @1pm, HOME

Fixtures Reading Week (Feb 2019)

Wednesday 20th February
2s v Nottingham Trent 1s: 5-4 loss on flicks

Saturday 23rd February
1s v Watsonians 1s: 2-1 win
2s v Stirling Uni 1s: 6-0 win
3s v Clydesdale: 9-1 loss
5s v Watsonians 3s: 3-3 draw
7s v Kelso 2s: 3-0 win

Sunday 24th February
6s v St. Andrews 3s: 3-1 win

Fixtures Week 5 (Feb 2019)

Wednesday 13th February
2s v St Andrews: 2-0 loss
3s v Strathclyde: 3-0 loss
4s v Napier 1s: 5-1 win
5s v St Andrews 3s: 8-2 win
7s v Napier 2s: 14-0 win

Friday 15th February
6s – Stirling Uni 1s: 5-4 loss on flicks

Saturday 16th February
1s v Western Wildcats: 3-2 loss
2s v Clydesdale 3s: 2-0 win
6s v Grange 3s: 2-1 loss
8s v George Heriots 2s: 1-1 draw

Results Week 4 (Feb 2019)

Wednesday 6th February
1s v Birmingham 1s: 5-5 draw
2s v Nottingham Uni (BUCS Cup): 2-1 win
6s v Dundee Uni 2s (BUCS Cup): 1-0 win
7s v Stirling Uni 2s (BUCS Cup): 5-2 win
Rec v Heriot-Watt: 1-2 loss

Saturday 9th February
2s v Haddington: 8-1 win
3s v Stirling Uni 1s: 3-1 win
4s v CALA 3s: 1-1 draw
5s v 6s: 2-1 to the 6s
7s v Liberton 1s: 3-0 loss
8s v Watsonians 4s: 2-2 draw

Sunday 10th February
8s v Peebles: 4-0 loss
9s v Kingdom Home Carnegie 2s: 4-0 win

Results Week 2 (Jan 2019)

Saturday 26th January
4s v 5s: 0-0 draw
6s v Inverleith 2s: 2-0 win
7s v Ross High 1s: 3-0 loss
8s v Peebles 1s: 12-0 loss
9s v Falkirk 2s: 3-2 loss

Results Semester 2 (Jan 2019)

Saturday 19th January
4s v Borders 3: 5-1 loss
5s v Borders 2s: 2-1 loss
6s v Livingston & WL 1s: 2-0 loss
7s v Kingdom Home Carnegie 1s: 4-1 loss
8s v Preston Lodge 1s: 3-1 loss
9s v Inverleith 3s: 3-3 draw

Results Week 11 (Nov/Dec 2018)

Wednesday 28th November
1s v Loughborough 1s: 2-0 loss
2s v St Andrews 1s: 2-0 win
3s v Dundee 1s: 3-1 loss
6s v CALA 2s: 4-1 win

Saturday 1st December
5s v Inverleith 2s: 1-1 draw
6s v Boroughmuir 1s: 3-1 loss
7s v George Heriots 2s: 2-1 win
8s v Liberton 1s: 3-1 loss
9s v CALA 4s: 4-0 win

Results Week 10 (Nov 2018)

Wednesday 21st November
1s v Durham 1s: 5-3 win
2s v Northumbria Uni 1s (Trophy): 1-0 win
4s v Heriot Watt 1s: 3-1 loss
5s v 6s: 2-1to 5s
Recs v Glasgow: 1-0 win

Saturday 24th November
2s v WIT 1s: 5-0 win
3s v Clydesdale 3s: 1-1 draw
4s v Grange 3s: 1-1 draw
5s v Livingston: 0-0 draw
6s v Kelso: 2-1 loss
7s v Watsonians 4s: 3-0 win
8s v Civil Service: 1-1 draw
9s v Watsonians 5s: 2-2 draw


Results Week 9 (Nov 2018)

Wednesday 14th November
1s v Leeds Beckett 1s: 4-0 win
2s v Strathclyde 1s: 5-0 win
3s v Dundee 1s: 6-0 loss
4s v Stirling 1s: 2-0 loss
5s v Dundee 3s: 2-0 win
6s v Dundee 2s: 3-2 loss
7s v QMU 1s: 4-2 loss

Saturday 17th November
1s v Clydesdale 1s: 1-0 loss
2s v UNI 3s: 5-0 to 2s
4s v Boroughmuir 1s: 1-1 draw
5s v Grange 3s: 3-2 win
6s v Watsonians 3s: 4-2 win
7s v Civil Service 1s: 6-1 win
8s v Ross High 1s: 4-0 loss
9s v ESM 3s: 1-0 win

Sunday 18th November
1s v Watsonians: 3-0 win
4s v Inverleith 2s: 3-2 win
6s v Grange 3s: 1-0 win

Results Week 8 (Nov 2018)

Wednesday 7th November
1s v Nottingham: 5-3 win
2s v Glasgow uni 1s: Match cancelled
3s v St Andrews Uni 1s: 1-1 draw
4s v Stirling uni 1s (cup): 3-2 loss
5s v Strathclyde uni 2s (cup): 3-2 loss
6s v Robert Gordon 1s (cup): 2-0 win
7s v QMU (plate): 7-2 win
Recs v Stirling 5s: 7-0 win

Saturday 10th November
1s v Glasgow Uni 1s: 3-0 win
2s v Watsonians: 4-0 win
3s v Haddington: 9-5 win
4s v Kelso 1s: 3-3 draw
5s v Boroughmuir: 2-1 loss
6s v Borders 2: 4-3 loss
7s v Peebles: 7-1 loss
8s v Kingdom home Carnegie: 10-0 loss
9s v Grange 4s: 2-0 win

Results Week 8 (Oct/Nov 2018)

Wednesday 31st October 
1s v Birmingham 1s: 3-2 loss
2s v Strathclyde 1s: 4-2 loss
3s v St Andrews 1s: 3-2 loss
4s v Stirling 1s: 4-0 loss
5s v Dundee 3s: 10-0 win
6s v Strathclyde 2s: 2-0 loss
7s v Stirling 2s: 1-0 loss

Saturday 3rd November
1s v Grove 1s: 5-1 win
2s v Uddingston: 4-1 loss
3s v Watsonians 2s: 5-1 win
4s v Watsonians 3s: 5-0 win
5s v Kelso 1s: 1-1 draw
6s v CALA 3s: Match cancelled
7s v Preston Lodge 1s: 3-2 loss
8s v Eskvale 1s: 3-1 win
9s v Boroughmuir 2s: 1-1 draw

Sunday 4th November – Scottish Cup Matches
1s v Inverleith 1s: 5-1 win
2s v St Andrews 1s: 3-2 win
3s v Stirling Wanderers: 1-1 draw, loss on flicks
4s v AGSFP: 4-0 win
5s v Ardrossen Academy: 3-2 win
6s v Granite City Wanderers 2s: 3-3 draw, 2-1 loss on flicks
9s v Kingdom Home Carnegie 2s: 4-3 loss

Results Week 7 (Oct 2018)

Wednesday 24th October (Club Day)
1s v Loughborough Uni 1s: 1-0 win
3s v Manchester Uni 1s: Match postponed
4s v Napier Uni 2s: 4-2 win
5s v 6s: 2-1 to the 6s
7s v Napier Uni 2s: 7-1 win

Saturday 27th October
1s v GHK 1s: 1-0 win
2s v George Heriots 1s: 3-0 win
3s v  WIT 1s: 3-0 loss
4s v 6s: 11:30am 3-1 to the 4s
5s v Watsonians 3s: 1-0 loss
7s v Kelso 2s: 2-0 win
8s v George Heriots 2s: 5-1 loss
9s v Borders 4s: 2-0 win

Results Week 6 (Oct 2018)

Wednesday 17th October
1s v Durham Uni 1s: 1-1 draw
2s v 3s: 1-1 draw
4s v Glasgow Uni 2s: 1-0 loss
6s v Dundee Uni 2s: 1-0 win
7s v Stirling Uni 2s: 2-1 win

Saturday 20th October
1s v Wildcats: 1-0 win
2s v Grove 2s: 7-0 win
3s v  Uddingston: 2-0 loss
4s v CALA 3s: 3-0 win
5s v Borders 3s: 3-2 win
8s v Kelso 2s: 7-1 win
9s v Borders 4s: 7-1 loss

Sunday 21st October
1s v Grange: 2-1 win
2s v Stirling: 4-0 win
3s v Clydesdale 2s: 7-3 loss

Results Week 5 (Oct 2018)

Tues 9th Oct
4s v 5s: 1-0 to the 5s

Wed 10th Oct
1s v Leeds Beckett: 6-1 win
2s v Dundee Uni 1s: 0-3 loss
3s v Glasgow Uni 1s: 0-6 loss
7s v Heriot-Watt 2s (Plate match): 6-0 win

Saturday 13th Oct
2s v Clydesdale 2s: 4-0 win
3s v George Heriots: 4-4 draw
5s v 6s: 1-0 to the 6s
7s v Liberton 1s: 0-3 loss
8s v Watsonians 4s: 0-9 loss

Sunday 14th Oct
2s v 3s: 5-1 for the 2s

Results Week 4 (Oct 2018)

Wed 3rd Oct
1s v Nottingham Uni 1s: 3-4 loss
3s v Strathclyde Uni 1s: 1-4 loss
4s v Aberdeen Uni 1s: 0-4 loss
5s v Dundee Uni 2s: 0-2 loss
6s v St Andrews Uni 3s: 6-1 win
7s v Heriot Watt Uni 2s: 6-0 win

Sat 6th Oct
1s v Hillhead: 7-2 win
2s v Clydesdale 3s: 3-3 draw
4s v Borders 2s: 0-1 loss
5s v CALA 3s: 2-0 win
6s v Borders 2s: 1-1 draw
7s v 8s: 6-1 to the 7s
9s v WIT 2s: 2-1 win

Results Week 3 (Sept 2018)

Wed 26th Sept
2s v Glasgow Uni 1s: 1-2 loss

Sat 29th Sept
1s v Glasgow Uni 1s: 6-1 win
3s v Stirling Uni 1s: 3-0 win
6s v Inverleith 2s: 0-0 draw
7s v Ross High Ladies 1s: 1-3 loss
9s v Falkirk & Linlithgow 2s: 3-0 win

Results 22nd/23rd Sept 2018

Sat 22nd
1s v GHK: 4-0 win
2s v Haddington: 1-0 win
3s v Grove Menziehill 2s: 0-3 loss
4s v Fjordhus Reivers 3s: 2-5 loss
5s v Fjordhus Reivers 2s: 0-4 loss
6s v Livingston & WL 1s: 1-6 loss
7s v Kingdom Homes Carnegie 1s: 0-2 loss
8s v Preston Lodge Ladies 1s: 0-4 loss
9s v Iverleith 3s: 2-1 win


Results 15th/16th Sept 2018

With the new season now fully underway, here’s the scores from the weekend:

Sat 15th Sept
1s v Dundee Wanderers: 0-0 draw
2s v WIT 1s: 2-0 win
3s v Clydesdale 3s: 0-6 loss

Sun 16th Sept
1s v Clydesdale Western 2s: 1-1 draw, won 4-2 on penalty flicks
2s v Dundee Wanderers: 0-1 loss
3s v Highlands 1s: 1-0 win
4s v Perthshire 1s: 6-0 win

IMG_6254 (2).jpg
4s v Perthshire 1s (6-0 win)

Scottish Cup Finals 2018

On the 6th May we had our 1s, 2s and 4s out in full force at the Glasgow National Hockey Centre for the Scottish Cup Finals.

To start the day off, the 4s faced Orkney in the District Cup Final. The uni side stayed strong for almost all of the first half with lots of great opportunities but sadly not converting. Orkney were awarded a short corner towards the end of the first half and despite some brilliant defending from our corner defenders the other side managed to get the ball in. The second half saw some fighting drive from both teams however some high deflections from more short corners led to the northern side taking a 3 goal lead. A last attempt at uni scoring a goal was made as a kicking back was substituted on but unfortunately Orkney scored the final goal of the game. Although the 4s put up a solid fight on the day, the opposition were better drilled. Some noticeable mentions go to Abi, Louise, Alix and the Kirstys (Forgie, Ross-Stewart and Trail) who all put on the uni strip for the final time.
Congratulations to Orkney and well done to our 4s for reaching the final!
Final score: Edinburgh University 4s 0-4 Orkney


Next up were the 2s who were battling against Clydesdale Western. The uni girls won their league, Women’s Championship League Division 1, the day before so stepped on the pitch knowing it would be a hard game, especially because the opposition are a National 1 playing team. Despite the strong start from uni, an awkward high ball from Dale put them in an early lead 10 minutes into the game. Small break-throughs saw the Glasgow side up 4-0. The second half was a different game with the uni side not letting themselves lose easily, only letting one goal in during the 35 minutes. Everyone gave it everything that had during the game and they should be commended for this. Big shoutout to Katie D, Georgina, Renee and Becky for playing their final uni match. Congratulations to Clydesdale and a huge well done to our 2s who won the league and played in the finals in the same weekend!
Final score: Edinburgh University 2s 0-5 Clydesdale Western

2s pic for website
The main event at the end of the day was when the 1s played in the Scottish Cup Final against Grove Menzieshill. Tensions were high when Grove scored the opening goal but Uni were quick to respond with Zara scoring a reverse rocket into the back of the net. The students had some more brilliant opportunities as they stayed patient in attack but were threatening and unstoppable as soon as they were in the D. Two more goals in the first half by Louise and Hannah meant that the score was 3-1 at half-time. Only one more goal was committed in the second half, a short corner so well executed it might as well be a crime. As well as winning the cup final, the 1s dominated the National League 1. Congrats on the double win!!
Final score: Edinburgh University 1s 4-1 Grove Menzieshill 1s

1s for the website.jpg

The 1s are up against Watsonians on Saturday in their play-offs. Although they have already gained their place in the European competition next year, uni are fighting it out for the top spot. Let’s make it 3 out of 3, best of luck girls!

Gold Coast 2018

Congratulations to EUWHC current players and alumni for being selected to represent Scotland at Gold Coast 2018

Nicola Cochrane , Mairi Drummond, Sarah Robertson, Lucy Lanigan, Amy Brodie, Becky Merchant

So proud of Nicki picking up her  1st GB cap, Sarah Robertson earning her 100th cap!

Week Round Up

After many game cancellations due to the snow and ice it has been a relief and a joy to get back on the pitch and score some goals! Sensational win for our 7s on Saturday scoring double figures and the 4s unbeaten run continues as they have a progress into the semi final of the BUCS Cup which they won last year!

Back to back games against St. Andrews was always going to be tough for the 5s but after a disappointing loss in St. Andrews at the weekend, the 5s played them off the park on our home turf.

10th February

3s v Stirling Uni 1s 6-0

4s v Cala 4-1

5s v St. Andrews 3s 1-2

7s v Cala 4s 10-1

8s v Kelso 6-0

9s v Watsonians 2-5

14th February – Winning Wednesdays

4s v Aberdeen Uni 1s 1-0 (pictured)

5s v St. Andrews 3s 5-1

Saturday 10th February

3s v Stirling Uni 1s 6-0
4s v Cala 4-1
5s v St. Andrews 3s 1-2
7s v Cala 10-1
8s v Kelso High 6-0
9s v Watsonians 2-5

Wednesday 7th February

1s v Nottingham 0-3
6s v Stirling 9-0

Saturday 4th February

Indoor v Grove 3-5 (top 4 finish)
5s v Borders 0-2
6s v Watsonians 4s 4-3
7s Preston Lodge 2-0 
9s v Dunbar 1s 6-1
9s v Stirling Wanderers 2s 2-1

Shoutout out to our unbeaten 9s!

Wednesday 31st January

2s v Stirling 2-0

3s v Glasgow Uni 1s 2-3

5s v Dundee 3s 6-1

6s v 7s 2-2

Saturday 27th January

4s v Boroughmuir 2-2

5s v Livingston 0-2

9s v Borders Reviers 2-6

Wednesday 24th January

1s v Leeds Beckett 2-1

4s v Napier 1s 2-3

7s v Napier 2s 3-0

Saturday 2nd December

4s v Livingston  4-1

6s v Preston Lodge 0-0

7s v George Heriots 2s 2-0

8s v ESM 1-0

Saturday 26th November

2s v 3s 2-0

4s v Peebles 6-1

6s v Kingdom homes Carnegie 1-0

7s v Liberton 2-3

8s v Inverleith 3s 2-1

BUCS Wednesday 29th November

1s v Birmingham 0-1

2s v Glasgow Uni 1s 1-4

7s v Stirling 3s 11-0

BUCS Results:

1s v Durham 2-5

3s v Newcastle 2-2 (8-7 loss on flicks)

5s v Abertay 1s 0-0

6s v West of Scotland 7-0

Saturday 18th + Sunday 19th November

1s v GHK 9-2

2s v Stirling 1s 4-1

3s v Clydesdale Western 2s 2-3

4s v Grange 3s 4-1

5s v Boroughmuir 0-2

5s v Inverleith 2s 2-1 (Sunday)

6s v Watsonians 3s 3-3

8s v Dunfermline 1-2

9s v Livingston 2s 4-0

A mixed week for EUWHC with some tough fixtures and gritty performances. Great win for our 4s who continue to dominate East District Prem. The 3s suffered last minute heartache on their trip to Newcastle but put in a stellar performance.

Wednesday 15th 

1s v Loughbourgh 2-2

2s v Dundee 1s 5-3

3s v Strathclyde 5-1

4s v Glasgow Uni 2s 4-4

5s v QMU 6-1

6s v Stirling 2s 0-2

Saturday 11th / Sunday 12th November

1s v Wildcats 1-0

2s v Grove 5-0

3s v WIT 1s 6-1

4s v Inverleith 5-2

6s v WIT 2s 3-0

8s v Boroughmuir 2s 5-0

9s v Grange 4s 8-0

EUWHC enjoyed an unbeaten weekend. With that victory on Saturday the 1s are top of the Scottish National 1 Division at the half way point. The 8s are enjoying back to back victories after a tough start to the season. Sadly our 6s lost their unbeaten run on Wednesday – but to get to mid-November without suffering a loss is incredible!

Wednesday 8th November

BUCS results:

2s v Strathclyde 1s  4-1

3s v Stirling 5-1

4s v St. Andrews 1s 2-2

5s v Strathclyde 2s 2-2

6s v Glasgow 4s 7-1

7s v Heriot Watt 2s 4-1

Saturday 4th November

1s v Kelburne 13-0

2s v Clydesdale 2s  2-2

3s v Edinburgh Hockey Club 4-0

4s v Linlithgow and Falkirk ladies 2-2

5s v Kelso 3-5

6s v George Heriots 2s 6-0

7s v Dunfermline 1-2

8s v Eskvale 1s 5-0


BUCS results:

1s v Nottingham 0-3

2s v 3s 3-1

4s v Dundee 3s 6-0

5s v Abertay 1s 2-4

6s v Glasgow 4s 7-1

7s v Aberdeen 4s 12-1

Stay Strongand Free

Weekly Update

Saturday 28th October

Another wonderful weekend of hockey for the girls with nearly another clean sweep of results!

1s v Grange 6-0

2s v Waverly 6-0

4s v Borders 3-1

5s v Linlithgow 1-0

6s v Liberton 5-4

7s v Kelso 2-4

8s v Ross High 2-1

9s v Cala 2-0

Sunday 29th October

5s v Border 0-6

Saturday 21st October

On Saturday we had a clean sweep of victories! Ours 2s recorded their biggest win of the season and our 8s deservedly celebrated their first win of the season!

1s v Dundee Wanderers 3-1

2s v Meggetland 11-0

3s v Clydesdale Western 3s 3-1

4s v Boroughmuir 3-0

5s v Peebles 3-1

6s v CALA 2-1

8s v Falkirk and Linlithgow 4-1

9s v Borders 5s 4-2

Cup Games

Friday 20th and Sunday 22nd October

Great Cup run for the girls with 1s progressing  into the 3rd round of the Scottish Cup, and the 2nd round of the Scottish Plate for the 2s. 4s and 5s also won their District Plate Round 1 matches.

1s v ESM 5-2

2s v Kelburn 7-0

3s v Uddingston 1-2

4s v 6s 3-0

5s v Monarchs 2-1

Wednesday 24th October

BUCS results

1s v Leeds Buckett 1-0

4s v Aberdeen 1s 0-2

6s v 7s 5-1

BUCS Trophy

2s v Liverpool 0-3

3s v Leeds 2s 2-2 (won 7-6 on flicks) Progressing into the final 32 against Newcastle

Conference Cup

5s v Glasgow Caley 4-0 Progressing into the final 16 against Abertay 1s

Finishing the weeks with our 1s, 4s and 6s top of their Saturday leagues and 5s and 6s top of their BUCs league – long may the winning continue.

EUWHC have had another successful week with 67 goals being scored across the club!

14th October

1s v Hillhead 6-0
3s v Watsonians Ladies 1-2 loss
4s v Cala 3s 6-1 This game included Club Captain Alix Brewster’s first goal for EUWHC with an expert penalty flick!
7s v Cala 4s 4-1
8s v Kelso 2s 2-4 loss
9s v Watsonians 5s 1-2

17th October

Under the lights at Peffs we had two feisty interclub games. In particular, 4s-5s was a showcase of the incredible talent club has to offer with supporters describing it as “the game of the season”! 4s sneaking 2 goals in the last 5 minutes. Everyone is looking forward to round 2!
4s v 5s 2-0
6s v 7s 6-1

18th October BUCS

1s v Birmingham 1s 1-7 A scoreline that did not reflect the match, the 1s suffered two in injuries in the warm up/first 5 mins and against 10 GB squad players in the opposition team – the girls held their own!
2s v Strathclyde 1s 4-1
3s v Stirling 1s 2-0
4s v RGU 2-1
5s v Dundee 3s 12-0 with a special shoutout to 5s Captain Lucy Rogers for taking player, stick and ball to score the 11th!
6s v Napier 18-0
7s v Strathclyde 3s 3-1

A mixed bag of results for EUWHC this week. However with lots of goals being scored and 110% effort from all on and off the pitch no one was complaining!

Saturday 7th October

1s v Grove 1-3 defeat
3s v Haddington 3-2 win 
6s v Watsonians 4 3-2 win
7s v Preston Lodge 2-2
And our only clean sheet of the day was the amazing 9s whose goalie didn’t even touch the ball!
9s v Dunbar 2-0 win

Wednesday 11th October

International girls day was celebrated with GB international, and 1s Captain Claire Hill making her return to after a long injury!
1s v Durham 2-2
2s v Dundee 1s 3-2 loss
3s v Strathclyde 1s 0-3 loss
6s v Stirling 3s 8-0 win
7s v UWS 7-0

A special mention for the 5s who travelled to Glasgow for BUCS to play 3 minutes of a game before it was cancelled due to a waterlogged pitch!

Wednesday 4th October

This day will be marked down in EUWHC history as the first time 1s-7s were all in BUCS action!
1s travelled down to Loughborough and secured a 1-0 win
2s v 3s 3-1 win for the 2s
4s v Napier 0-1 loss
5s v QMU 8-0 – involving TWO fresher hatricks!
6s v Herriot Watt 2s 6-0
7s v Stirling 4-0

A win apiece for the 2s and 3s and lots of goals for all teams – this could be the best season yet for EUWHC!

Saturday 30th September

2s v 3s 1-2 win for the 3s in a game full of passion, cards and cracking fresher performances. Round 2 next Wednesday!

5s v Livingston won 1-0! A fabulous first win from the 5s at the fortress. Great to see the freshers getting stuck into feisty 5 life

7s v Waverley win 3-1 with all three goals scored by freshers! What a super start for our Mighty Sevens!

BUCs 27th September

Two EUWHC teams began their BUCS campaign this Wednesday.

3s v UoG 1s, 2-3 loss. Goal debut for fresher Annabel Dudley.

2s v UoS 2s, 3-0 win. Cracking hatrick from 2s Captain Kathryn Glass.

A Wednesday full of goals and excitement – the rest of EUWHC are looking forward to following their footsteps in BUCs and Saturday leagues.

Please join us in the evening for our Freshers Welcome – first social of the year!


University of Edinburgh Sport & Exercise to sponsor EUWHC!!


Edinburgh University Women’s Hockey Club (EUWHC) is pleased to announce that University of Edinburgh Sport & Exercise as its new principal sponsor.

The four-year deal will enable the team to play, train and perform to the highest standards as they prepare for the 2016 EuroHockey Championships.

Head Coach, Sam Judge, said, “This sponsorship will help the girls greatly. It allows the XI1s to train at higher intensity in the gym, improving their fitness and performance to a standard that is crucial for Europe. It will be good to further the development for the XI1s which will enable them to play at higher level, home and abroad.”

The contract was signed by Club Captain Madeleine Smith and Director of Sport & Exercise Jim Aitken on Tuesday 24 November at Peffermill Playing Fields. Smith said: “I am delighted that Sport & Exercise have agreed a four-year sponsorship deal with EUWHC. It is crucial for the Club’s long term development that we partner with like-minded and supportive companies and Sport and Exercise embody the play, train, perform mentality that the Club prides itself on.”

Aitken said: “University Sport & Exercise is delighted to become principal sponsor of EUWHC and to build on our existing strong relationship and the support we provide to the coaching and the Team Performance Programme.  We already share the same values and ambition, and our enhanced relationship will now open up new, mutually beneficial and ground-breaking opportunities for us both to ‘Play.Train.Perform’ at even higher levels over the next four years.”

EUWHC has an outstanding sporting record, having won the BUCS Trophy for the past three years and competing in both the BUCS Premier North League and Scottish Premier Division I. Our players have also been Scottish Cup Champions in 2014 and Scottish National League 1 Champions in 2015. With this support from Sport & Exercise, we are in an excellent position to build on this success over the next few years. EUWHC is comprised of 9 teams in total and this sponsorship package ensures that all our players will have the resources to compete at the highest level in their various championships and leagues.

16th November:

Upcoming Matches the we know you want to come and support!


2s Vs Dundee 1s 1s 17:15

1s Vs Birmingham 1s 14:15
3s Vs Stirling 1s 15:30
4s Vs Dundee 2s 14:00


1s Vs Kelburne 1s 14:30
2s Vs Strathclyde 1s 14:30
3s Vs Grove 2s 16:00
5s Vs Eskvale 1s 11:30
6s Vs ESMs 3s 17:30

4s Vs Cala 3s 13:00


7s Vs Kelso 2s 12:15
8s Vs Inveralmond 14:30
9s Vs Linlithgow 2s 12:15

5th October 2015

EUWHC Blood Drive:

EUWHC are asking girls to donate their blood in a blood drive, which will run between the 2nd and 9th of November. It is our aim to get as many girls as possible donating to this worthwhile cause. We are working with Scottish National Blood and will also be giving the opportunity for girls to become bone marrow donors for the charity Anthony Nolan.

Following on from mass enthusiasm from the girls we are expecting a great turn out and we know how greatly appreciated any donation would be. Here is a link to their website for anyone interested in donating their blood too:

19th September 2015

Edinburgh vs Cambridge:

Edinburgh are playing host to Cambridge University Hockey Club on Wednesday 23rd September. Come down to Peffermill to witness a great afternoon of high quality hockey.

Pass back is 3:30pm with our Mens 1XI and Womens 2XI in action. To add to the excitement, the bar at Peffermill will be open for business so you can cheer on your boys and gals and have a wee catch up!

As ever we will be heading to Malones, so come along and show some support for the home team!

For more information take a look at our Facebook event: EUHC vs CUHC – Edinburgh vs Cambridge

18th September 2015

Fresher Trials Day:

The day started bright and early for the hopeful freshers, making their way down to Peffermill for the 9am start. The 150 strong crowd was registered in a record shattering 20 minuets and it was straight into some basic drills run by our season’s coaches. The captains watched on excitedly, eager to see what talent was to offer.

The day proved to be a huge success with some really promising freshers being selected to join EUWHC.

The day ended with a great first social in Malones; “Greet and meet the freshers”.

Take a look at the photos from the day in our gallery.


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17th September 2015

Club Reunion Day:

What a day for EUWHC to get back to hockey! The seniors from our teams came down to reunite at Peffermill, our favourite stomping ground to get back into the swing of things.

A pre-season training session was followed by some friendly mini-matches. A perfect way to start the season.

Take a look at our Gallery for more photos of the day.


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16th September 2015

Summary of EUWHC’s Summer:


Edinburgh University Women’s Hockey finished the season on a real high with EUWHC 1s winning the National Champions Trophy; however the excitement didn’t end there for some of our ladies. There were several huge achievements this summer, including Sarah Robertson getting her first cap for GB. The Euro Hockey Championships saw both current Uni players and Alumni players Becky Merchant, Nicki Cochrane (Coco), Louise Campbell (Squidge), Nikki Kidd, Sarah Robertson and Amy Brodie head down to London to compete for Scottish Hockey.

Scotland entered the competition as the only side not the have played an Olympic qualifier prior to it, but they settled in and won some great matches. They held their own against Poland with a 2-0 win, finishing 6th in the competition and successfully retained their A Division Status. There was some superb play throughout the summer and some outstanding achievements with the amazing Becky Merchant reaching her 100th cap for Scotland in the match against Italy where they won 3-1 with Becky scoring. According to her it was “a pretty good day”. Along with all her other achievements, she’s been playing striker instead of her usual defence and was said to have scored the best goal ever by a women playing for Scotland.

Becky merchant: “It was great to be part of a Scotland team with a really strong Uni representation! The support we have all received from the Uni, in particular from Sam judge our coach, Jim Aitken, everyone in the Sports Union and hockey club, has been amazing”

Other than the Euros, the girls have had some other fantastic results, beating Germany 4-3 in Hamburg with Becky Merchant scoring twice and Nikki Kidd scoring once, and also beating Spain 3-1 in Madrid with goals from both Nikki and Becky.

Sarah Robertson is now returning to play for GB but next season will be looking to play BUCS when possible for the University.

The talent doesn’t end there. There’s strong Uni representation in the Under 21s squad, which includes Clare Hill, Susan Graham, Waverley miller, Ali Eadie and Katie Hibbert. The U21s had games against England early in the summer. Ellie Hutcheson was also representing in the Scotland U18 team for the Europeans in Santander.

It would be an understatement to say we were proud of our girls; it’s been a so exciting see them all playing this summer with such success!

Sarah Robertson: “Hopefully the Edinburgh university girls can carry on their performances in to the season with the Uni.”

After what can only be described as an amazing summer of Scottish hockey, EUWHC are anxious to get back down to their home at Peffermill to see what the season has to offer.

The new committee is working hard to ensure that all is ready for the start of the new season. We are excited for the new intake this year, with fresher trials on the 18th at 9am down at Peffermill and the Sport Fair on the 16th and 17th to meet everyone. We have the addition of the 9th team this year, which we hope will help the club grow further and will allow us to have an even higher intake than ever. We are eager to see what this year brings as every year we discover more and more talent!

The club can’t wait for the season to get up and running and have their first Club Day of the year with the Club Reunion on the 17th, getting our girls back down to Peffermill for some pre-season fun. Our first social follows on the 18th, a great way to get back into the swing of things and meet the new freshers.

The season ahead is looking promising already, and with the success of our Scottish ladies, we hope that the club will be inspired to strive for even more wins this year!

2014-2015 Historic News:

EUWHC picks up prizes at Scottish Hockey Awards!

Well done to Sam Judge, our 1st XI player coach, who won Coach of the Year 2014 – Women’s Team, and to Sarah Robertson who won  Women’s Young Player of the Year 2014!

See the full write up at

EUWHC gets the double – Scottish Cup & Scottish Plate Champions! 

Edinburgh Brings it Home!

It’s of NO surprise to us to announce that EUWHC’s 1s WON THE SCOTTISH CUP FINAL 4-1 v Clydesdale Western.

The 2s WON THE SCOTTISH PLATE FINAL 3-0 vs Granite City Ladies.

We are so proud of the girls despite all having exams – their fitness and coaching sessions has certainly paid off! Full match report coverage can be found at: It appears winners really DO wear white!





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