Captain – Liv Wade-Jones: –7xicaptain@womens.euhc.co.uk

Coaches: Jamie Fosker and Huge Davidson

League: 2019-2020 East District Ladies Division One and Scotland South 1 BUCS League

Team Summary: The salty sevens are a breed of their own, just as committed to hockey life on the pitch as off it. The highlight of our season was winning gold in the BUCS Conference Plate in our first year and the celebrations afterwards were up there too! Moving from Wednesday’s to Saturday’s, you will find us playing against local East District teams by day & running to get stamped for P’row by night. We are looking forward to more sevens success next season & cannot wait to welcome the next generation of seven’s freshies!

Find the 7XI fixtures at https://w.fixtureslive.com/staticapi.aspx?a=statzone_comp.ashx%3fdivID%3d59772

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