Captain – Rebecca Dale – 8xicaptain@womens.euhc.co.uk

Coaches: Katie Howie and Nicola Broad

League: 2019-2020 East District Ladies Division 2

Team Summary:

The last two seasons have seen the 8s star ascend, securing back to back promotion and establishing themselves in their new league. The team gelled exceptionally quickly in the previous season, fusing together veterans and new blood seamslessly. We look forward to joining East District 1 for the upcoming season and cannot wait to welcome more freshers than ever to our ever-improving squad. We always had the chat but now the skill is certainly on the up too. Welcome to the 8s m8s.

Find the 8XI fixtures at https://w.fixtureslive.com/staticapi.aspx?a=statzone_comp.ashx%3fdivID%3d59773

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