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Edinburgh University Women’s Hockey Club (EUWHC) is the largest women’s club in the country. The Club boasts 9 competitive outdoor teams, an indoor team, and a development squad training at Peffermill playing fields in the sight of Edinburgh’s iconic Arthur’s Seat.

As a Club, we are passionate about promoting a high standard of hockey for all abilities, aiming to make hockey fun, exciting, and sociable for all our members. Through providing a weekly coaching programme and all teams playing in competitive leagues, we aim to grow our players talent through their time at University and help them make some of the memories they will treasure long after graduation.



Latest Results

Wednesday 23rd October 2019: BUCS

  • EUWHC 1s v Exeter Women’s 1s (H) 14:30pm @ Peffermill
  • EUWHC 3s v Aberdeen Women’s 1s (H) 5:30pm @ Peffermill
  • EUWHC 4s v Heriot-Watt 1s (H) 16:30pm @ Peffermill
  • EUWHC 6s v Strathclyde Women’s 3s (A) 12:30pm @ Stepps Playing Fields 

Saturday 19th October 2019: League

  • EUWHC 1s v Western Wildcats (H) 16:00pm @ Peffermill
  • EUWHC 2s v Stirling University 1s (A) 12:30pm @ Gannochy Sports Centre
  • EUWHC 3s v Clydesdale Western 3s (H) 14:30pm @ Peffermill
  • EUWHC 4s v Livingston 1s (A) 12:00pm @ Deans Community High School
  • EUWHC 8s v EUWHC 9s (H) 17:30pm @ Peffermill
  • EUWHC 9s v EUWHC 8s (H) 17:30pm @ Peffermill

Wednesday 16th October 2019: BUCS

  • EUWHC 2s v Stirling Uni 1s: 2-1 (W)
  • EUWHC 3s v Glasgow Uni 2s: 1-2 (L)
  • EUWHC 4s v Aberdeen Uni 1s: 1-6 (L)
  • EUWHC 5s v Stirling Uni 2s: 5-0 (W)
  • EUWHC 6s v UWS 1s: 5-1 (W)
  • EUWHC 7s v Napier Uni: 13-0 (W)

Saturday 12th October 2019: League

  • EUWHC 1s v Clydesdale Western 1s : 1-3 (L)
  • EUWHC 2s v Clydesdale Western 2s:  2-0 (W)
  • EUWHC 3s v Watsonian’s Ladies 2s:  3-1 (W)
  • EUWHC 4s v Borders Fjordhus Reivers 3s: 1-2 (L)
  • EUWHC 5s v Boroughmuir Ladies 1s: 1-1 (D)
  • EUWHC 6s v Borders Fjordhus Reivers 2s: 0-3 (L)
  • EUWHC 7s v Erskine Stewart’s Melville 3s: 3-0 (W)
  • EUWHC 8s v Eskvale Ladies 1s: 2-1 (W)
  • EUWHC 9s v Boroughmuir Ladies 2s: 3-0 (W)

Sunday 13th October 2019: CUP MATCHES

  • EUWHC 1s v Clydesdale Western 1s: 2-0 (W)
  • EUWHC 2s v Western Wildcats: 1-3 (L)
  • EUWHC 3s v Dundee Wanderers: 0-8 (L)
  • EUWHC 4s v Dundee Uni 2s: 8-0 (W)
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